Picture Me This


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So I have not been feeling very “wordy” lately. I would like to just share photos today. I hope you do not mind.


Robert and I drove around St. Pete last Sunday and daydreamed/looked at houses. It was quite magical. I really enjoy that area of Florida. Probably most out of all the towns in Florida. It is perfect, near the beaches, has adorable old neighborhoods, and a great community atmosphere. Best of all, it is affordable.


I have really been wanting to go visit New England lately, I truly feel like it would give me the clarity I have been looking for. Hopefully I can make this happen soon. Some close friends are doing some amazing things in the town Somersworth, NH where I grew up. I would love to check it out.

good red

I am also in the midst of working on uploading a ton of clothing to my online store Voracious Vintage, so please check that out in the coming days!

I suppose that is all for now.

X.O. – Tall Girl Jess

The Heat of Winter


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The Heat of Winter

Many would think that the warmth of a Tampa, Florida winter would be ideal and I do not think I could disagree more.

This is the time that I long for the frigid northern winds more than ever. I grew up in New Hampshire, spending roughly 45 minutes digging my Ford Focus out of 4 feet of snow so I could make it to high school on time, and many of those mornings were in flip-flops imagining that the two rays breaking through the clouds were warming me up to a blistering 89 degrees.

But what I really knew in my heart is that I loved those freezing days. Even when it snowed in October, because after all of us bonded together by the baseboard heaters for the entire 4 months of unbearable cold, we loved when that first tree thawed so much more. How can you appreciate summer, when you never had winter? Its hard to appreciate the perfect weather days, when that’s all you have.

Perhaps Florida is only meant to be appreciated by old people, when they have experienced a lifetime of shoveling snow and bonding by baseboard heaters.

I Sink & Then I Swim All Night


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I have tried this many times before, and without fail…I fail. I am not one to keep up with things, but this is a new year and I would love to chronicle my daily life.
So what you should know is:
I am 25.
I am tall (not like I’m 5’7″ tall, I am pushing 6′ TALL) which is alright by me.
I curse too much.
I try to laugh as often as possible, and at times that can be at others expense.
I am a makeup artist, but I am not sure thats what I want to do any longer…I am at a crossroads, and this is my search for clarity.

So if you want to follow me on this journey of chasing laughter and happiness by any means necessary then I encourage you to read on my new-found friend.

X.O. Tall Girl Jess